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2020 has been a strange and at times painful year for millions of people across the UK. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted many people’s personal finances whilst also endangering people’s businesses and livelihoods
Posted: 26/10/2020
A round-up of why BNP Paribas Asset Management took home the award at this year's Asset Management Awards
Posted: 11/06/2020
Jonathan Halberda, Wesleyan Financial Services Senior Financial Consultant answers the five questions that everyone should be asking. Find out more
Posted: 08/06/2020
A round-up of why BMO Global Asset Management took home the award at this year's Asset Management Awards
Posted: 04/06/2020
The spread of COVID-19 into a global pandemic has resulted in one of the most significant economic events of our lifetimes...
Posted: 14/05/2020
In challenging times, the equity release sector continues to show its resilience and its adaptability. Pure Retirement's CEO Paul Carter explains
Posted: 16/04/2020
With the complexities of retirement meaning there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, it’s important to understand the bigger picture
Posted: 17/03/2020
Pure Retirement CEO Paul Carter talks about the importance of meeting customer needs in a growing market
Posted: 17/02/2020
Since 2012, when the Equality Act came into force, it has been against the law in the UK for businesses to discriminate against people in the provision of goods and services on the basis of age. Which is as much to say, in most circumstances, companies cannot refuse to provide a certain service to someone because they are elderly, or charge them more because of their advanced years.
Posted: 25/10/2019
An innovative approach to financial planning. In our view, clients don’t really want financial products or investments. They never have and never will. What clients really want is the peace of mind and security of knowing where they are heading financially.
Posted: 25/10/2019
Electric cars were on sale a decade ago but who was interested? Few were prepared to overlook high buying costs and poor range for the pleasure of driving a choice of two mainstream models – the modest Mitsubishi i-MiEV hatchback or the tiny Smart Fortwo electric drive
Posted: 24/10/2019
As domestic holiday bookings and inbound tourism go from strength to strength, the holiday buy to let market continues to grow at a pace. Dan Atkinson, Head of Sales and Marketing, the Melton Building Society answers some of the questions most frequently asked by brokers
Posted: 22/10/2019
As an industry, we have the ability to help shape people’s futures by delivering independent, qualified and expert advice. Our advice changes lives and lifetime financial planners can have a deep, lasting and positive impact on our clients, how they live and their enjoyment in later life
Posted: 07/10/2019
Mortgage Insider Episode 1 Outlook for the UK Economy
Barclays brings you the Mortgage Insider podcast to help make sense of this extraordinary time. Presenters Claire MacPhail and Tony Rimmer talk to industry figures about the fast-changing market.

Exploring EARTH
Adam Cadle speaks to Edward Lees, Co-head of environmental strategies group, BNP Paribas Asset Management, about the investment opportunity for the coming decades: the environment.


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