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Conveyancing platform and case management system The Moving Hub has partnered with The Property Jungle, a provider of bespoke and template property websites
Posted: 17/09/2019
The Conveyancing Association (CA) has outlined issues around ID checks in the home buying process in its response to the government’s consultation on digital identity
Posted: 16/09/2019
Major digitisation of the wealth management industry is needed if traditional sector players are to prosper in the future, a new report has claimed
Posted: 10/09/2019
British digital banks such as Revolut and Monzo are set to treble their number of customers in the next year, as the challengers increase their efforts to complete against high street rivals and disrupt the retail lending market
Posted: 03/09/2019
Smartr365 has launched SmartrSuitability, a new platform feature which significantly reduces the time to produce both mortgage and protection suitability letters, saving brokers up to an hour per application
Posted: 30/08/2019
Financial planning tech firm, Wealth Wizards, is developing software that will enable financial advisers to implement a digital ‘abridged advice’ service
Posted: 22/08/2019
Customers of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Tesco and Nationwide Building Society were unable to pay credit card bills and access account information yesterday after US payments company TSYS suffered an IT outage
Posted: 21/08/2019
Financial advisory firms “should be more concerned” over the rise in popularity of digital finance advice platforms, according to data and analytics firm GlobalData
Posted: 14/08/2019
There were 49.1 million application programming interface (API) requests made in April, more than double the number recorded in February, the Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) revealed
Posted: 06/08/2019
Half of global financial services organisations have fallen victim to sensitive data theft of system failure and downtime due to insecure software or technology, a survey conducted by Ponemon Institute revealed
Posted: 05/08/2019
FinTech financing hit $10.9 billion during the second quarter of 2019 – the second best quarterly performance ever recorded by FT Partners
Posted: 29/07/2019
People favour face-to-face and over-the-phone contact, despite the increasing amount of digital communication channels available to them, according to new research
Posted: 26/07/2019 has partnered with UK property marketplaces, StuRents and Mashroom, to give renters, landlords and agents access to Open Banking services, including bank direct payments and data aggregation
Posted: 22/07/2019
Banking Competition Remedies (BCR) has announced the results of the second Incentivised Switching Scheme application process, with only Habib Bank Zurich applying and meeting the eligibility criteria
Posted: 18/07/2019
The Open Banking Implementation Authority (OBIE) has published a report on the progress of the data sharing reforms, paving the way for expanding them into other areas of finance
Posted: 17/07/2019
The volume of domestic money transfers via mobiles will exceed 203 billion in 2024, up from 130 billion in 2019, driven by peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, and will account for 80 per cent of all domestic transfers in 2024
Posted: 15/07/2019
Financial services firms are at higher risk of hacking attempts and cybersecurity breaches than other industries, according to a new report
Posted: 10/07/2019
The challenges of digital transformation are taking their toll on Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and straining their relations with other executives according to a survey which revealed that just 23 per cent of UK CIOs are aligned with their chief financial officer (CFO) on tech strategy
Posted: 10/07/2019
More than half (59 per cent) of payments leaders admit they are losing money due to issues with their payments gateways, according to new research
Posted: 09/07/2019
European FinTech leaders expect Artificial intelligence (AI) and Open Banking to set the standard for wide-ranging innovation in the financial services industry, according to research from Barclays
Posted: 09/07/2019
Two thirds (66 per cent) of UK consumers are more concerned about the security than the speed of making payments online, according new research
Posted: 08/07/2019
With the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) deadline approaching on 14 September, new analysis has revealed that European banks have so far failed to provide the proper technology environment for third party providers (TPPs) to access payments data as required by the new law
Posted: 04/07/2019
Banks are preparing for their industry’s digital evolution by building their own standalone operations, with more than a third (36 per cent) looking at a greenfield digital bank, according to a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)
Posted: 03/07/2019
More than half of banking and financial services customers around the world use FinTech products and services, according to a poll
Posted: 03/07/2019
Almost two thirds (65 per cent) of chief financial officers (CFOs) expect digital transformation to significantly reduce the number of jobs in the financial services industry
Posted: 02/07/2019
Mobile banking is set to overtake the popularity of branch services by 2021, according to new analysis
Posted: 02/07/2019
Monzo’s latest annual report revealed that losses rose to £47.2 million, up 54 per cent on the previous year, as the chief executive admitted there was “still plenty of work to do” to achieve profitability
Posted: 28/06/2019
A new report has suggested that Open Banking could realise £18 billion value for people and small businesses in the UK over the course of a year, but also highlighted complex challenges ahead to realise this value
Posted: 26/06/2019
Nearly one in three UK adults have considered changing banks in the last 12 months after IT glitches and poor digital experience left them frustrated
Posted: 20/06/2019
A state-backed cyber attack could secretly corrupt the records of financial services providers over a period of months, according a senior Bank of England policymaker, which could pose a risk that many would probably struggle to guard against on their own
Posted: 20/06/2019
More than half (54 per cent) of UK businesses are unaware of the potential benefits of Open Banking, according to a new survey, which also revealed that just 17 per cent consider themselves to be completely prepared for the move to the new model
Posted: 19/06/2019
Cifas, the UK's largest cross-sector fraud sharing database, has revealed that its members have reported a six per cent overall annual increase in fraud cases
Posted: 19/06/2019
Jointly-developed artificial intelligence (AI) systems hold great potential for tackling common security issues, according to a new Euro Banking Association (EBA) report
Posted: 17/06/2019
More than 5 million Britons (10 per cent) have fallen victim to a financial scam at some point in their lives, according to new research published by Lloyds Bank and YouGov, while a quarter know of someone that has been fooled by a fraudster
Posted: 14/06/2019
The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the Bank of England (BoE) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced that they will be working together to strengthen cyber security in their financial sectors
Posted: 14/06/2019
More than seven million people in the UK were left unable to use their debit or credit cards due to an IT or technical crash in the last year, according to research from Which?
Posted: 13/06/2019
Traditional retail banks are lagging behind in terms of blockchain adoption, potentially losing out on customers and competitive advantage
Posted: 11/06/2019
International digital remittances will reach $525 billion by 2024, up from an estimated $332 billion in 2019, with mobile and blockchain solutions becoming increasingly popular
Posted: 10/06/2019
JP Morgan Chase is to close its mobile-only bank for Millennials, Finn, just a year after it was launched across the US
Posted: 07/06/2019
UK consumers are taking a ‘pick n mix’ approach to how they make payments, with mobile banking, mobile payments and contactless all becoming increasingly popular, according to research by UK Finance
Posted: 07/06/2019
Global incumbents should embrace partnerships with tech titans, as well as smaller FinTechs, in order to keep up with the emerging challenge posed by Silicon Valley, according to Santander’s chief digital officer
Posted: 05/06/019
Following consultation, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is introducing rules in the peer-to-peer (P2P) sector, “designed to prevent harm to investors, without stifling innovation”
Posted: 04/06/2019
Even though Open Banking has yet to reach maturity, the financial services industry is entering a new phase of innovation that will require deeper collaboration and specialisation
Posted: 04/06/2019
An increasing number of adults in the UK now have products from a range of different financial providers, as the rise in financial technology (fintech) has drawn the attention away from traditional high street banks
Posted: 03/06/2019
Six out of seven people use digital banking solutions at least once a month and 38 per cent do so on a weekly or even daily basis, according to new research
Posted: 03/06/2019
Over half (52 per cent) of businesses are struggling to manage their IT infrastructure as a result of creaking legacy systems, poorly co-ordinated strategy and inadequate monitoring tools, according to a new report
Posted: 28/05/2019
Businesses and consumers are losing out because UK banks are failing to prioritise fixing Open Banking outages, with 62 per cent of banks recording a fall in Open Banking availability to customers over the last quarter
Posted: 23/05/2019
Robots and automated technologies are unlikely to replace human interaction in the digital banking relationships of the future, according to Wells Fargo’s ATM and branch IT chief
Posted: 23/05/2019
Nationwide Building Society has reported a 15 per cent fall in profits for the year, after the company committed to a spending drive on digital banking services and faced fierce competition in the home lending market
Posted: 22/05/2019
Almost half (45 per cent) of financial services firms across Europe are struggling to combat the rising cyber security threat, with hackers particularly exploiting internal loopholes through Business Process Compromise (BPC)
Posted: 17/05/2019
A year on from its launch in the UK, fewer than two thirds of UK consumers have never heard of Open Banking, according to new research
Posted: 16/05/2019
Nearly a third (30 per cent) of Brits say their bank is over-ambitious introducing additional services on different devices, saying they do not need or want more ways to interact
Posted: 15/05/2019
The UK may need to follow in the footsteps of the United States (US) and construct a “super shield” to protect it from catastrophic cyber attacks or major IT glitches that have the potential to cripple the finance industry, a Bank of England (BoE) senior official said
Posted: 14/05/2019
The Treasury Committee has published a unanimously-agreed report on consumers’ access to financial services, warning that new technologies risk leaving people behind
Posted: 13/05/2019
The uptake of Open Banking and digital money management is being held back by a lack of consumer trust and confusion over data sharing, with 83 per cent of UK smartphone owners saying they have not yet downloaded a finance app
Posted: 10/05/2019
While FinTech could help increase competition in financial services, some of the new solutions might also lead to the migration of activity outside the perimeter of prudential regulation
Posted: 01/05/2019
More than half (61 per cent) of financial services firms believe that automation is driving greater success in the sector, while close to three quarters (71 per cent) see the pace of technological change as a key enabler
Posted: 30/04/2019
The governor of the Bank of England (BoE) has promised that it and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) will evolve to meet the demands of new forms of financial technology
Posted: 29/04/2019
The head of GCHQ has called for closer co-operation between the financial services sector and the UK’s intelligence services to combat the threat of cyber attacks on consumers
Posted: 25/04/2019
Nationwide Building Society has selected seven FinTechs to take part in its Open Banking for Good challenge, developing apps and services to help financially vulnerable people
Posted: 23/04/2019
New research has revealed that after inheriting, 28 per cent of high net worth (HNW) clients’ children discontinue the relationship with their parents’ wealth manager, with many moving the money to digital challengers
Posted: 12/04/2019
Technology firm Callsign has partnered with CKH Innovations Opportunities Development (CKH IOD), parent company of Three UK, to improve fraud detection and fraud prevention
Posted: 10/04/2019
The gradual shift of BigTech giants into financial services has the potential to be a “game changing development” for the industry, according to a new report from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)
Posted: 09/04/2019
Santander has announced that its European divisions, which includes Santander UK, will shoulder a reported €1.2 billion of cost cutting in the next four years, as the Spanish banking giant steps up plans to invest more than €20 billion in digitisation and technology
Posted: 05/04/2019
More than half of retail banks are looking to collaborate with FinTechs to advance their own digital banking offerings, with 56 per cent expecting that incumbent/FinTech sandboxes will become mainstream by 2025
Posted: 04/04/2019
In 2019, the majority of banks have made significant progress in digitalising their retail product line, with 65 per cent of digitally active large banks reaching the ‘digital promised land’, according to Temenos
Posted: 02/04/2019
One in 10 people over the age of 50 with a pension plan believed that they had been approached by scammers attempting to access their savings, new research from Succession Wealth has revealed
Posted: 02/04/2019
NatWest is trialling a new companion to the NatWest app called Mimo, designed to help customers enjoy financial peace of mind
Posted: 01/04/2019
Banking incumbents which are slow to upgrade their infrastructure could take a 30 per cent hit in revenue, as challengers gobble up more of the market for innovative digital banking services, according to Citibank
Posted: 29/03/2019
The finance industry prevented £1.66bn of unauthorised fraud throughout 2018, effectively stopping £2 in every £3 of attempted unauthorised fraud in the year, according to the latest Fraud the Facts 2019 published by UK Finance
Posted: 21/03/2019
Two in five card payments are now made using contactless technology, according to UK Finance
Posted: 15/03/2019
As part of a national trial, NatWest is due to begin piloting biometric fingerprint technology with 200 customers in the coming weeks
Posted: 11/03/2019
Fraud against older people soared last year, with criminals increasing their radius and looking beyond the UK’s cities and town for new victims, according to new research from Experian
Posted: 05/03/2019
Crime groups led by “fraudster families” are running pension scams potentially worth millions of pounds, according to The Pensions Regulator
Posted: 12/02/2019
In 2018, after years of card payments slowly weighing in on the dominance of cash transactions, cashless has now overtaken as the most popular method of payment, research from Merchant Machine has revealed
Posted: 09/01/2019
TSB has announced a new £200,000 partnership with the Metropolitan Police (Met) to combat fraud and hunt down the criminals that sit behind it
Posted: 09/01/2019
The number of people visiting the ScamSmart website increased from 31,000 in the 55 days prior to the launch of the campaign to 173,000 in the 55 days after
Posted: 04/12/2018
One in five (22%) people have fallen victim to credit card fraud in the last year, with an estimated £4.1bn having been stolen from 11.4 million consumers, research has found
Posted: 22/11/2018
The new owner of Virgin Money has terminated the bank’s partnership with a digital venture launched by former Barclays chief executive Antony Jenkins
Posted: 13/11/2018
Despite the common assumption that the younger generation is more tech savvy, more than three in ten (31%) of 16 to 24 year olds have been a victim of online shopping fraud, compared with only 12% of over 55s, Shieldpay revealed
Posted: 07/11/2018
In the first nine months of the year, 3,527 young people experienced identity fraud, an increase of 24% when compared to 2017, according to figures from anti-fraud organisation Cifas
Posted: 11/10/2018
As sluggish market conditions continued, and the number of mortgages approved for new house purchases dropped by 4.3% on the year last month, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has called for innovation to help consumers find the best mortgage deal
Posted: 07/09/2018
Thousands of people across the UK were charged twice for debit card payments following a glitch, which saw customers billed twice when paying via a card terminal operated by Cardnet, despite transactions only appearing once on receipts
Posted: 05/09/2018
One in four Brits have fallen victim to online fraud when shopping online, with 8% of victims being duped more than once, according to the statistics from the inaugural Shieldpay Fraud Tracker
Posted: 05/09/2018
Aviva has created a new skill for Amazon’s Alexa, allowing its customers to ask the virtual assistant for the current value of their pension savings
Posted: 22/08/2018
During the second quarter of 2018, RSA Security recovered nearly 5.1 million unique compromised cards and card previews from reliable online fraud stores and other sources, representing a 60% increase on the number of cards recovered in the first quarter of 2018
Posted: 14/08/2018
With the use of cash declining and digital payments increasing, a new independent review has been set up to look at the impact on consumers over the next 5 to 15 years and examine future needs
Posted: 27/07/2018
Mastercard is exploring the possibility of trialling its fingerprint-scanning cards in the UK, as the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) tackles financial fraud head on
Posted: 09/07/2018
Fintech is going to play a “hugely positive role” when it comes to increasing people’s engagement with their retirement savings, the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association policy lead: engagement, EU and regulation James Walsh has said
Posted: 18/06/2018


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