Click2Check announces partnership with Beyond Encryption

Click2Check has announced a new partnership with cyber security firm, Beyond Encryption, to utilise its secure email solution, Mailock.

The fintech company indicated the move will ensure the security of all its email traffic to users of its Credit Assess product by encrypting emails.

By using Mailock, Click2Check suggested Credit Assess users will now have a greater level of security via their email communications.

Mailock provides a date and time-stamped audit trail, security ‘nudges’ as well as a full revocation option when an email needs to be recalled. It also enables the sender to challenge the recipient in order to ensure they are the intended person.

Credit Assess is Click2Check’s white-label online solution which allows advisers, with the consumer’s consent, to access their online credit score and digital report, while using Open Banking technology to deliver bank statements in minutes.

Click2Check director, David Jones, commented: “Given the sensitivity of information that we are constantly dealing with and the increased cyber threat that we’re all having to cope with, it seems only right that we, as a business, put in the very highest level of security when it comes to the communications we issue, and those that come back to us.

“Advisers will know only too well that, when it comes to mortgage transactions, they are always likely to be in the cross-hairs of the fraudsters who seek to target the considerable sums of money involved. Targeting of perceived communication weak spots, such as email, is a favoured method of these criminals.

“By using the Beyond Encryption Mailock product we can significantly mitigate that risk and provide a far greater level of confidence to all whom we communicate with that their information won’t be accessed by anyone else but who it is being sent to.”

Beyond Encryption CEO, Paul Holland, added: “We are thrilled to be able to help secure Click2Click’s communications for their intermediaries and their clients.

“They are the first to use our system within their sector, and should be applauded for recognising both the sensitivity of the information that they handle on behalf of clients on a daily basis, and the fact that, with large sums of money at stake in a retail environment, it is an ideal area for email fraudsters to try to target.”

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