Knowledge Bank and Iress create integrated product and criteria search system

Knowledge Bank and Iress have partnered to provide the UK’s first, fully-integrated product and criteria sourcing system.

Through a single search, the system will allow brokers to find the exact lender to suit their clients’ needs from both a product and criteria perspective, saving time and effort.

Knowledge Bank, the UK’s largest mortgage criteria search system, first teamed up with Iress in April last year, but the latest move means that brokers using Iress’ Xplan software will be able to input their clients’ requirements just once, via a single login.

The system will then display results detailing the lenders who will accept the client based on both the products available and the criteria circumstances. Knowledge Bank said this is “dramatically different” to other systems where brokers still need either separate logins, or to conduct searches on two separate parts of the system.

Knowledge Bank CEO, Nicola Firth, commented: “The result of this collaboration is a system that will revolutionise the market. It creates the ultimate sourcing tool for brokers to get the best possible outcomes for their clients.

“It is no longer a viable option to search only for mortgage products and not criteria, not with over 52,000 criteria changes in 2020 alone – that’s 1,000 changes to criteria every single week. So by teaming up with Iress we have ensured that brokers can get both the most accurate and up-to-date product and criteria information all in one place.

“Never again will it be necessary for brokers to log into multiple different systems, spending hours cross-referencing and rekeying client data, to find which lender will provide a mortgage for their client.”

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